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Jemuel "180" Johnson is an American novelist, video journalist, host, TV producer, composer, and occasional actor. Jemuel "180" Johnson is an American TV personality, talk show host, TV producer, novelist, writer, composer, and occasional theater and film actor. He came to prominence through his TV show Half Circle, where he interviews millionaires, entrepreneurs, rising stars, and phenoms regarding principles of success, such as think, dream, focus, momentum, invest, association, and reading. Johnson is a merciless reader. After gaining viewership on an international scale and being recommended by an insider named "Mafiyo", he attracted the attention of a nationally syndicated TV Network named Punch TV.
But before all that jazz, Jemuel was  raised in North Highlands, California, and started writing in his childhood, beginning with poetry and short stories in the form of fables. His teachers and friends would encourage him throughout his school days. However, he did not believe in himself till his late twenties. It was not until after a disastrous break up with his first love in his mid twenties that he considered a life in broadcasting. To fight depression and keep himself occupied, Johnson volunteered at a local public access TV network that he saw while flipping through the newspaper.  With little knowledge of TV production, set cameras, and no certifications, Jemuel would be a fly on the wall, intensely observe and study all things around him, especially the seemingly error-free, political TV talk host, Jeanie Keltner. After years of study, certification, encouragement from industry vets like Brian Moffitt, and of course his star, Jeanie Keltner, Jemuel launched his own show, Half Circle. In 2013, he published his first novel entitled "...And The Tears Revived". It is loosely based on a true story about the relationship between him and his former girlfriend.  A powerful and emotionally satisfying piece of literature, actor John Marshall Jones (Disney Channel's  Smart Guy) writes, "From the first page this book captured me. It was about people that I know in my own life. Incredibly vivid and moving. I highly recommend it!" Jemuel works to one day build a massive private library in his hometown of North Highlands for locals to come, learn, share, write, and be dazzled.

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