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A.A Schenna

As a child, A.A dreamed of being a cardiac surgeon. Later, Schenna realized that this was not what he wanted.
Writing has always been his greatest pleasure. When he doesn't write action, adventure, romance stories or anything else, he reads everything.
Schenna admires all the writers he comes across and enjoys talking about books and magazines.
A.A loves meeting new people and discovering new places.

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Current Releases
They were raised under the same roofs and hadn’t discovered how important it would be for a happy couple knowing each other very well in order to get past difficulties and misunderstandings in a serious relationship or in a marriage.
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Never Say Never
Nobody wants to be lonely because love is everywhere. But never forget that if you really don’t mean some words, don’t spit them out. It’s easy to say I love you, but it’s very difficult to prove it… Miracles do happ...
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#LoveBelievers: A Romance Collection
Jeremy was supposed to get off the train since he had to go to work, but he decided to follow the ‘femme fatale’. Elena followed every step he made. She could see his black shoes and his blue jeans but her glance didn’t get any h...
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The Stranger

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Live to Tell

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Fear the Darkness
A May/December romance, angels versus demons, and a plus sized woman who discovers love along with other great tales of the Summer Solstice.  Authors A.A. Schenna, Alex Pilalis, Jillian Chantal, J. Wayne Williams, Maighread MacKay, Margaret E...
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Let's Have Fun Vol. 3
They could both listen to the melody of love, the one that only true lovers knew.  David and Heidi were able to listen to the lullaby of love, the sweetest lullaby of all.
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From a western gal in pursuit of the local sheriff to a single mom running a cooking show with her small children, romance blossoms in many situations. These wonderful stories prove that love is for all ages.  A.A. Schenna, Alex Pilalis, Donn...
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Adventures in Love
A man agonizes over his past mistakes while the woman he’s always loved passes from this life.
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A Woman's Heart
When Ralph met Sonya, he fell instantly in love. He did not know that she had a past, and that one day, that past would rise to haunt them both and try to tear their family apart forever.
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Can't Let Go
You are not alone...
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Le Bal des Abeilles
The carefree stroll in the woods managed to trap them in timelessness. The four students along with their teachers would have to deal with an absurd fate. The red scorpions, the large eagles, the nasty bats, and the bloody creatures were determined t...
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Trapped in Timelessness: Fallen Angels
Jenna never thought she would run into true love. Will John be the exception to her rule?
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On the Sixth Floor
The black angels have come, destroying the world to remake it in their own image. Some humans will survive, even overcome. As their world burns, they will rise from the ashes.  And some survivors will fall.
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The Alphas
Three stories of romance for lovers of all ages.
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Limitless Love Collection
Green Lake was a beautiful place any time of year. A beautiful place where ten people disappeared every century at the end of a muddy rope.  On the verge of graduation, Nick and Leona knew nothing of this. It wasn't until the nightmare came...
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Lake's Curse
“When Brittany saw the beast running toward his side, she started screaming.”  The chemistry teacher couldn’t stand staring at the nasty, bloody creature. She was only interested in her beloved partner, her Bruce.  T...
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Trapped in Timelessness

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