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A. C. Ellis

I write both science fiction and mystery/suspense novels and short stories. My work has been published in electronic and print format.

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Someone is trying to kill Susan Tanner. A Federation Fleet captain, she hasn’t commanded a ship since losing Defiant ten years ago during a colony's bloody rebellion. Although vindicated at her court-martial, she still blames herself. Since ...
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Shadow Run
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In an obituary, Brad Carpenter, a San Diego homicide detective, recognizes the North Vietnamese Army officret who killed his best friend thirty years ago. Somehow, that enemy soldier had come to the U.S. when he should not have been able to, and had ...
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In Pursuit of the Enemy
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The end of the world has arrived. Gutted buildings, looted stores, streets desterted except for packs of computer-implanted wild dogs. Not another soul around. Through a haze, memories of the previous reality flash through Steven's mind. Bits, ...
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Five-Red, the Confraternity of Sentient Races most gifted battle unit, discovers the Confraternity is eliminating intelligent races and becomes a hunted man. Yet the Confraternity must be stopped. The alternative is the extinction of every intelligen...
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Soldier of 'Tween

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