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  Fee fi fofum! Here's a story rewritten in fun Where the hen runs away The harp is content to stay Tisn't just ogres Jack will slay Callie Harper chafes under the rule of the ogre, Alfred. Her shot at freedom?...
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The Golden Harp
  ‘Tis the season to be merry… But not when you’re on the trail of a time insurgent, and facing a demon’s servant at every turn. For Nadine Venus, Christmas is a jinx. Two deaths in the family and an est...
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Last Christmas
  An escape to another place and time with better plumbing and brasserie? Away from a dominance contest one helped start? Sounds like a bloody good idea. Elizabeth Wentworth certainly thinks so when she goes on holiday to twenty-firs...
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Wings of a Butterfly (1Night Stand series)
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  Rebecca Guthrie, a governess in the Wentworth house, is in love with Bennett Wentworth, brother to her young charge. Unfortunately, she does not realize the family harbours a secret well beyond the scope of her imaginings. Ashamed of th...
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Out of Joint

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