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Hi, I'm A.J. and I am a multi-published author of contemporary, romantic, gothic/fantasy and historical fiction with a focus on alternative pairings. As if that wasn't enough, I also write poetry, song lyrics and have a screenplay and tv pilot in the works (which would explain why I don't have the time to re-string my guitar, let alone do any editing gigs). I was born in England but have called Toronto, Canada home for a long time.  I identify with Pierre Trudeau as a "citizen of the world".  My favourite things to do are write, read, sing, fiddle around on the guitar, scrabble about in my garden, sunbathe, and generally avoid work. ;) 

From contemporary short stories to historical novellas, you will always find plenty of drama, action and plot twists in my work.  My characters include undercover cops, personal trainers and maverick lawyers to name just a few. If you're looking for an engaging drama, a tear-jerker romance or just a naughty romp, A.J. Wilde will not disappoint.  My published work to date has been m/m, but I will be venturing into f/f very soon. 

I would like to correspond with fellow authors, writers and readers, and am always looking for feedback on my stories. I am published with Torquere Press, who can be found here: 

Check out my new titles from Torquere: "What If You Slept?", a Single Shot; and "Sweat", a Taste Test (my story is titled "Twenty Four") As well, "Soul Journeys 2: Auf Wiedersehen, Mon Amour" is out! Follow the past life adventures of Rick Rathburn in this second book in the Soul Journeys series. 

NEW RELEASE!! My first Arcana with Torquere Press, their imprint which is based on Tarot cards, came out Saturday, January 12. It is called Shadow Road: Page of Swords and is set in 18th Century England. If you enjoy highwaymen, deeds of daring in dark woods, not to mention hot guys in tight pants and thigh-high leather boots, you'll love this story! 


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Dorian West is truly a lost soul, with a revolving bedroom door and an unhealthy obsession with a statue at his local church. Add to that an unrequited crush on his straight friend Josh, and Dorian's life reads like a sad catalog of loneliness...
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Like A Prayer

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