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How was Ben to know when he went in for his first day of internship at the Showhouse Theater the unbelievable things that would happen next: unbelievable danger, unbelievable pain, and unbelievable love? When Ben called Soldier that morning, his f...
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Seeing Double
  When Daniel Webster returns to Nashville after two years of hell, he doesn’t go back to his dad’s house. After an amazing rescue he ends up at Mama Sasy’s diner and finds out that it’s a safe place for young gay ...
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Take It Slow
Everyone is looking forward to Christmas at Scarcity Sanctuary, especially Soldier and Dillon, as they remember Christmases past. What happens when it's Christmas Eve and everyone is there but Dillon? Dillon is the one who always has everythin...
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Scarcity Holidays A Scarcity Sanctuary Story Holiday Release #12
Gom Marsh liked knowing that the work he did as an undercover cop, enrolling into high schools to assist the staff in cases of extreme bullying, made a difference. It was rewarding, but often heartbreaking, work. When a new man, Casey Tanner, come...
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Undercover Assignment
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Gom Marsh is all grown up, but he looks years younger than he is. A police officer, he works undercover as a high school student to help fight the extreme bullying cases that school staffs can't solve. The work is heartbreaking and wearing, bu...
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For Gom's Sake
Vacationing alone in Gatlinburg, Jason Tyler meets photographer Matt, and finds out they have a lot in common, including a plethora of first names. Their physical attraction is strong enough that soon they're on a first-first name basis, and their gr...
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Between Us
In this follow up to Between Us, Matt is back from Gatlinburg and Jason is thrilled that they can be together now. He’s ready to see if they can become a couple for the long haul. It seems that Matt feels the same way, so things should be fi...
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Between Us Two
Dare and Ryan are happy living with their son, JC. Their neighbors and friends, Jackie and Brandon, are looking forward to the church party, and life is good. Too bad the boys have said an old enemy is watching them, one who's supposed to be i...
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Dare's Christmas Gift
Rancher Micah Stone shows up at Private Detective Able Kenton's office with a letter from his late mother. Micah wants answers. Able has his own letter to show Micah. Together they set out to find who killed Micah's mother and why. Their f...
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Stone Canyon

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