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I was born in Kisumu, the capital city of Luoland, Kenya, to the Luo royal houses of K’Orinda and Yimbo; sent to a public school in Yorkshire, England, when I was too young to say “sod off”. I finally graduated with firsts as a journalist - the London Schools of Journalism as well as an economist - the London School of Economics. Love took me to Bavaria, Germany, where I further studied Germanistics and German-specific economics. Writing entered my world when I was about five and never left. In between doing other jobs ( e.g. working as a cleaner in a mental asylum in northern Germany – great plots there just waiting for me!) and as a freelance journalist since 1980. I give lectures and seminars in various German, Austrian and Swiss universities, colleges and high schools on topics ranging from socio-economy in Africa, Business English, African literature and the socio-ethnological conflicts in the traditions of Africans and Europeans in particular, and the West in general. I’ve published articles, papers, reports that are too numerous to list here. My first (and favourite) book was the novel in German: Khiras Traum. I’ve continued this in the English language where it is now the Bound to Tradition Trilogy-Turning-into-Saga because I’m already on the fourth book. The new Generation Lindqvists' 1st 3 book links:

The non-fiction book “Darkest Europe and Africa’s Nightmare: A critical Observation of the Neighbour Continents” published in 2008 by a New York publisher.

I live in Bavaria mainly, but spend some months of the year in Burgundy and Greece.


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Still seeking reviewers for the 3 books of Bound to Tradition (The Dream, The Initiation and The Separaation), please.

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 Lisa Pioneer Review Lisa wrote:

"I have just finished the dream. I found it a refreshing historical fiction of a young African girl named Khira. She is wise beyond her years and seeks to be civilized and cultured like the Europeans. She is sent to school in the City and learns from the girls in the school what it is like to be a woman even though she is only a 12 year old child. The story follows her life from birth to the time of her marriage at age 16 but not to the boy she was supposed to marry but the European who has captured her heart. This story has endearing characters that are easy to become attached to. Erik is a strong male character who is fighting his own demons and struggles with his feeling for an adolescent girl.”

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