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A quick thumbnail of my career thus far includes a degree in psychology from Temple University and professional positions as staff writer and publications person in public relations and local government.  While free lancing I also held a wide variety of other positions such as general office and secretarial work, payroll clerk, statistical clerk, newsletter editor, photographer.  I currently have 6 ebooks available through Kindle and Smashwords.  My specialty is suspense.  As my website says, my book are "For Women and About Women." Additional information about my books and writing is available at my website, www.aabra.US.

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Current Releases
Deesha Harris and her fiancé are making a dream come true.  Before entering grad school, they are seeing the world from the deck of a forty-five foot sailboat, the Golden Buccaneer.  The dream turns into a nightmare, however, when...
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Sailing Into Darkness
Joanna Yoder grew up on a primitive Amish farm in Ohio.  It was a land of horse-drawn buggies, picturesque cornfields, and hay-filled barns -- a land of submissive wives, obedient children, and bearded dominant males.  But it was also a ...
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Nightmare In Vegas
Vicki Karr's big dream is to become a private detective.  Her techie teenage son, Danny, supports that dream completely.  He also provides electronic advice that might be legally questionable, but is nonetheless very effective. V...
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Love's Blind Fury
Sara and Jake wouldn't be anywhere near the war zone in Afghanistan.  Their Pakistani guide assured them of that.  Within hours of landing at the Islamabad airport, however, their guide was gone, Jake was dead, and Sara had been rape...
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Taliban Love Slave
Jeni Clark thought the heat and passion of her life would last forever when she married Randy Clark.  What she didn't know was that Randy's new career as a fireman would soon consume their marriage and burn up all of their dreams. ...
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Love's Blazing Fire
Life in the hamlet of Fatherrock, West Yorkshire, Great Britain, had been difficult for Emily Harris even before Jimmy Brayshaw swept her off her feet and into an abusive marriage.  The police superintendent insisted his men would arrest Jimm...
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Love's Holy Passion

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