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Aaran B worked in the steel industry from the age of 15 years old. He later became a

machinist. In the 1980s, the steel industry collapsed, forcing him to seek another

direction starting a carpet sales, fitting and carpet cleaning service. He also became a

teacher of American line dancing, until his retirement.

Being an avid science fiction reader, he turned his hand to writing. I also do 16 hours of

sequence and line dancing (American) to keep myself fit as I can each week. Yes I am a

pensioner and I am hoping this book will enhance my fortunes so that

I can enjoy my remaining life.

The link below is my own web site


You are able to purchase my book direct from my publisher befor it it in the bookstores.


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It is the story of how the people of a planet find out that they were put on their planet only to cultivate it for the masters. A young Prince and Princess are tapped in a cavern with what they learn to be a guardian who keeps them alive and helps...
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Battle for the Ball

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