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Lokians: Book1 Beyond the End of the World


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Excited about my debut release and first installment of the Lokians sci-fi series. Find Lokians: Book1 Beyond the End of the World at follow me on twitter @authaarondennis

Current Releases
Blurb When alien ships blot out the sky, Earth prepares for war and glory.        "The Lokians came—threatening a danger beyond the end of the world. Then, the Bureau recovered a Non-Organic Al...
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Lokians Book 3 For War and Glory
  Blurb With aliens in Earth’s government only The Bureau can be trusted.            An attack on an Yvlekesh lab, Lokian stem cells, Gray drones, a Non-Organic Alien Hum...
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Lokians: Book 2 They Lurk Among Us
A man witnesses a murder. The dead speak. After waking in a Creole woman's house, this man must learn the ways of Voodoo to adapt to a new and changing world. With knowledge of curses, hexes, and shapeshifting, this man encounters others like ...
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Title: Lokians Book 1: Beyond the end of the World.   The story begins in the future. The year 2111. The military utilized NASA for extra-planetary data collection. Once enough data was gathered the new program called 'Horizon...
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Lokians: Book1 Beyond the End of the World
  Your neighborhood exterminator can’t handle these cockroaches…call Earth Navy. Captain O’Hara leads a special operations team aboard an alien ship. Thewls informed Earth Navy the monstrous Lokians, a race of alie...
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Lokians: Book 1 Beyond the End of the World

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