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Together again for the first time – four tales of paranormal love by erotic romance writer Aaron Michaels just in time for Halloween. The ghost in Haunted returns every year to spend Halloween night in the bed of the man he loves, ...
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Bump in the Night
Romance simmers hot in the Nevada desert when Parker, a lonely horse trainer, hires Jerry, a sexy ex-con on parole, to work at his stables. Parker met Jerry years ago when Parker was an instructor in a program that used prisoners to train wild...
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Old Scars
  Sparks fly – along with a good deal of dust and dirt – when a newly-minted Las Vegas lawyer meets a sexy Australian cowboy in Virginia City, Nevada. Marcus never expected to find someone like Vic at the Virginia City Cam...
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Two Buckets and a Snakeskin Suit
  Mitch, a centuries-old vampire, gets more than he bargains for when he feeds off Patrick, a convenience store clerk who sells himself to vampires for the rush. Mitch may feed from a place far more intimate than a man's neck, but he&...
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Bound by Blood
  For their ninth anniversary, Chuck scrimped and saved to buy Milton a sexy leather bomber jacket which Milton not only refused to wear, but which very nearly caused the break-up of their relationship. Imagine Chuck’s surprise when...
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The Man Who Wouldn't Wear Leather
Chuck and his stud muffin Milton from "The Man With the Alabaster Heart" are back just in time for Christmas! The holidays find the boys vacationing at a rustic lodge with the rest of Milton's extended family. It's the perfe...
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Nice: The Man Who Didn't Like Snow
Patrick's found the man of his dreams, literally. Ever since Patrick met Gino at a company mixer, he's been having erotic dreams. Incredibly sexy dreams. Dreams that leave Patrick totally spent and feeling more than a little unhinged. How ...
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Dream Lover
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Former Jersey wiseguys Tony and Carter turned over a whole new leaf when they decided to open an old-fashioned Italian deli in a quiet little tourist town in Northern Idaho. Compared to busting heads and collecting protection money, this new life&...
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Wiseguys: A New Kind of Family
Former wiseguys Tony and Carter have it made, right up until a vacationing Jersey mobster wanders into their deli one summer afternoon.  Tony and Carter like the life they've built for themselves. They own a business. They have frien...
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Wiseguys: A Blast from the Past
Chuck and Milton have a great relationship, even though Chuck's as easy-going as they come and Milton grew up in a household where the white-on-white furniture was protected with clear plastic slipcovers. Milton's family loves Chuck,...
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The Man With the Alabaster Heart
When wedding consultant Nathan meets gorgeous best man Dex, Nathan can't help but hope Dex will be the man to fulfill his romantic holiday fantasies. But Dex has a past that's about to catch up with him. Before these two can create their o...
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Nice: The Hopeful Romantic
Mitchell fantasizes about the sexy man with the clipboard and hard hat working on the half-finished high-rise across from his tenth-floor office. After Mitchell lets his daydreams get out of (or rather, on) hand in full view of his office window, ...
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Fantasy Man
Ollie Dickinson, the office Scrooge, hates company parties, especially the yearly Secret Santa gift exchange. Except this year he's drawn Matt Robbins, the hot new junior accountant, who just happens to be the object of loner Ollie's very ...
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Secret Santa

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