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Writing fiction has been a hobby of mine for a number of years. It was a great way to spend the evenings during the periods of time spent "on the road" and "living out of a suitcase. I tried, as most of us have done, mailing out queries and manuscripts to the publishing industry plus a large number  of agents. selected out of the Writers Digest. Most of this writing was before there was such a thing as self publishing. Avoiding the vanity press hustles was easy because you could almost smell the con in their ads.


When self publishing became an alternative I dismantled the couch I had made out of manuscripts and tried it. Now, the battle is to find people interested enough to read my stuff. By the way, that is not a deragtory remark, I know about the thousands of self published books looking for a review. My main focus is humorous, light satire which seems to be a rare commodity, I hope Americans aren't losing their great sense of humor. 

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A Note From Aaron T Knight

    An Irish language guide for first time visitors

intended to help those who won’t attend Irish language classes prior to a visit to Ireland


Gob Shite – A stupid or simple minded person.


Gob smacked – No, someone was not hit by a sailor. It means to be shocked or surprised.


E rodie --- Probably not spelled correctly, but it is a Gaelic word referring to the part of a man’s anatomy that having a large pair is desirable.


Brilliant --- Does not refer to bright like a light bulb. It is the use of the word to mean the equivalent of “ cool ” in American slang.


Feck --- A word used by adults and children alike. It means what you think it means however, using the word as an outsider might be considered vulgar to the Irish. Best to leave it alone or say it under your breath.


Wanker --- a wanker is a wanker anywhere.


Manners in a pub could be critical, but if you do happen to be talking to Irish people and you say something insulting, your best bet is to burst into song. It would be preferable to sing an Irish song, if you know one, and the offended might join you in singing, thus diverting their attention from your offensive remark.


Enjoy Ireland it is a truly beautiful country. I hope this little guide will be of help to you.  

Aaron T Knight




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