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Over the years I have had both fiction and non fiction books published commercially by well-known mainstream publishers in the UK. Being a woman with the spanking kink who has been writing spanking stories since around 1998, I now feel it is time to showcase my wares via the Kindle platform.

I'm not a one trick pony. I'm a storyteller who likes variety. I don't produce stereotypical spanking stories and I attempt to make my stories engaging and original, having a decent plot and characterisation, evocative of mood and atmosphere to draw the reader in. Some of my stories are erotic, some are humorous (wickedly so!), some feature romance (but not grossly over-the-top soppy stuff!) whilst others blend fantasy with reality. You will also find school stories, workplace spanking stories, and domestic themed spanking tales, plus stories with a soupcon of sci-fi, history, and femdom. I especially enjoy writing spanking fiction with a supernatural theme as there's so much scope in this particular genre to build up tension and let my imagination run riot.

My preferred orientation is M/F, but I don't stick to that exclusively. You will find some F/M and other orientations too. I love to write and hope I can continue to provide indulgent delights for the reader to devour.

All  my romances are published under Abigail Armani, and my remaining erotic spanking works are published under my other pen name of Lucy Appleby.

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Current Releases
The Castle is an atmospheric and sensuous story set in two different time periods. Beth is shocked when she finds her boyfriend has been cheating on her with her best friend. Distraught, she drives north where she gets hopelessly lost and runs out...
Available Now!
The Castle: a time travel romance
The Beachcomber's Love is a sensual story depicting the growing attraction between Greg and Marion, the attractive woman he finds stranded at low tide when he is out scouring his local beach for fossils and other treasures from the sea. Having...
Available Now!
The Beachcomber's Love
The Cattle Rustler's Bride is the third book in the Love on a Ranch series. Cindy arrives for a long vacation in Texas to join in the wedding celebrations of her best friend Rose, and while Rose and Hank are away on honeymoon, she enjoys the h...
Available Now!
The Cattle Rustler's Bride
My Texas Cowboy is the second book in the Love on a Ranch series. The beautiful and talented Rose has it all – after an exciting whirlwind romance she finds herself engaged to Hank Armstrong, a hunky Texan alpha male with wealth, intelligenc...
Available Now!
My Texas Cowboy
Life changes drastically for Rose when Hank Armstrong, a handsome Texan cowboy, walks into the quaint English café where she works and asks her out for dinner. The pair get to know each other and romance soon follows, and Rose learns that w...
Available Now!
The Texas Rancher and the English Rose
This is an epic tale of romance and tempestuous adventure, beginning with the story of Elizabeth, the only child of Lord and Lady Thoresby. Keen for her daughter to make a suitable match, Lady Thoresby schemes to engineer a proposal from the wealt...
Available Now!
Absolute Pleasures

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