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A voracious reader since childhood, it was only a matter of time before Adam Slade began work on a few books of his own. A lover of escapism in all its forms, his books are generally grounded in fantasy and often contain elements of humor, horror and suspense.

When not reading or writing, Adam, a self professed geek, loves nothing more than blasting away bad guys on his computer, browsing forums, or chatting to friends over the internet. Occasionally he attempts all three at once, which generally results in headaches.

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Some Grim Reapers just can't get a break. As well as nursing a broken leg from the last person who tried to kill him, Mal is trying to track down the serial killer who's offing demons on his patch. And it seems like one of his friends...
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A Grim Pact
One arm, no weapons, and no backup. Just like old times.   Mechanical-armed ex-soldier turned spaceship thief, Jacob Strand, is drawn back into a world he thought he’d left behind, when he’s framed for a gruesome multiple ...
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