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Adera Orfanelli began writing several years ago when she discovered how fun it was to write stories about hot men and adventurous women living and loving in outer space. With the universe to explore, she lets the stars light her way and her imagination play.

Current Releases
The game is simple. Survive one week on Hoyda-43, an uninhabited jungle planet full of wild creatures. No one has done it before, yet no one has the reason Brock Deltarin has. A million credits will free his best friend and fellow soldier from pri...
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Surviving Eden
Cora Bellagio, owner of The Bitter Bean and hundred-and-fifty-year-old vampire, has three rules: 1. No one touches her special brew 2. No one knows what's in her special brew 3. She will never date a human. But when Tony Laverde ...
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Santa's Helpers: Drink Me Sweetly
Nothing gets steamier than the Everglades in summer, except Irina's fantasies about her fellow wildlife officer, Javier. When a summer thunderstorm curtails their hunt for feral pythons, Irina and Javier seek refuge, where Irina discovers ther...
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Snake in the Grass
For Ryx, hunting dinosaur bones is more than a scientific curiosity; it's a way for him to connect with his people's ancestors. But he isn't the only member of the team with secrets. He knows Eli isn't really a boy, and she doesn&#...
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Wolves of the Wild West: Wolf's Bone

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Singing Up The Sun

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