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So, I'm twenty-four going on fifty and bored to death living in a city in a forgotten country called Romania. I spice my life by reading all that I get my hands on (with an unhealthy predilection towards more pervy genres like erotic literature and addictive m/m stories).
As for writing, I've started doodling at the age of seven, at eleven I shocked my lit teach with a sci-fi short love story(by then I was well acquainted with my mom's hidden stash of Sandra Brown and Sidney Sheldon)and proceeded to take a short break in my literature
Finally after like fifteen years of avid reading, I've said what the heck, and started writing again.
Now I'm hoping my readers will be harder to shock and won't need therapy to recover.

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Tyler is a young college professor whose main trait is his clumsiness. His quirky habit of just blurting the stray thoughts running through his brain usually lands him in trouble. He needs a keeper, if you ask Bain. Bain would like nothing more ...
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