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Ahmad Taylor

Ahmad Taylor is a 35 yr old writer living in S. Florida. A Brooklyn native for 29 yrs, Ahmad previously worked in law enforcement and security consulting.

Ahmad is a fan of Sci-fi, Thrillers and Comedies.

Ahmad's debut novel: DARK SIDE OF THE MOON was published in early 2012.

A Note From Ahmad Taylor

..Mickot now filled with anger decides with one final surge of energy that he will sit up and find out why that stupid alarm is still blaring and why no one will answer him. He takes a deep breath; One… another breath; Two… his lungs expand wide as air rushes in, and with a rush of adrenaline he tries to force his neck to rise up while simultaneously pushing down with his arms to propel himself up, and… suddenly a bright, white light enters his vision. A wave of immense pain surges through his body. His mind had become so entangled with the idea of getting up to shutoff that alarm that he had forgotten about the blinding pain in his back.

 As he settles himself down the light is now gone, but it is replaced by an overwhelming feeling of nausea. He can’t quite place the taste of the fluid filling his mouth… “Wait”, he thinks to himself. Bile! That’s the taste filling his throat and oozing into his mouth. Though he cannot feel any part of his body through the pain, he fears that through all of his efforts, he hasn’t managed to move even an inch in what must have been several hours of trying. It feels as if his body is being weighted-down or restrained by something or someone that he cannot readily perceive. The taste in his mouth is making him want to gag but he can’t even turn his head to spit it up. He takes a deep breath and swallows fearing he will choke if he does not. Then the fog in his brain begins to return. With dread he knows what is coming next. It takes but a moment; but that moment is slowed down in his mind.

 One question pries itself into his mind; but before he can think on it, he is already unconscious again.

 Why is it so dark in here?...

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Government agent Derrick Thomas awakes from a disturbing dream to find a message from his father asking for help. As he sets out to lend his assistance he quickly discovers that not only has his father gone missing, but that a clandestine governme...
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