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Aida Brassington lives with her husband and a Great Dane in a haunted house in the suburbs of Philadelphia. She enjoys cooking, knitting, and politics, and she is a voracious reader with an extensive library. While she does read some books on her iPad, she prefers physical books.

Her first novel, Between Seasons, tells the story of Patrick Boyle, a nineteen-year-old man who dies in 1970 and falls in love with a woman who buys his house forty years later. She is currently at work on the sequel, titled North of Frost.

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Relationships are complicated even under the best of circumstances. For Varda Dorfman and Tommy Campi, these are the worst of times. Varda, an illegal foods smuggler, has pissed off Anthony Carluccio, the kingpin of the local underground dinner cl...
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Chasing Fools

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Between Seasons
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