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Aiden Lovely

Author of ebooks "Cakes and Guns"and "Burning Barn". Aiden Lovely is a freelance writer residing in New England. Lovely’s short stories have appeared in many anthologies such Rock and Roll Over by Eric Summers, The Sweeter the Juice by Marcus Anthony. Lovely enjoys cooking and reading yaoi / m/m novels. .

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Storie, an art student who has been struggling his junior year at a prestigious university, has become sidetracked by his first relationship with a man, Valentine. Valentine isn’t just an any man though. He is known as the “perfect guy&rd...
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Cool: Christmas With Him
After discovering the truth about his parents, Arie Labeaux falls into despair and becomes desperate to escape his captor, King Abbas. Arie has no where to turn, but to a suspicious stranger named Zazel who promises Arie freedom. Unaware of Zazel&rsq...
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Take Me Away Book 2 Slave
"Ryan didn’t have the will to protest. Overflowing desire consumed him and he was left writhing and begging for more. This was his first time with a man. Everything he dreamt about—the love and sex—this was exactly what he had ...
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The Merman & I
Landon, a small town boy, who’s been average all his life, finds a new meaning when he is randomly selected to participate in the government GEARAS program. He joins the proud Bradley, laconic Simon and mysterious Claude in an epic battle to sa...
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When assistant archeologist, Corduroy Chiffon, travels to the vast jungles of the west along with Dr. Rayon to find evidence of a lost tribe, Corduroy finds himself focused on the mysterious disappearance of his previous partner, Dr. Levi Linen. The ...
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Jungle Man
When Conrad learns of his mother’s illness worsening, he becomes desperate for financial help and turns to the one person, he fears the most—Master Jared Hillington, the second eldest son of the Hillington estate and the most perverted sa...
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Master's Boy
Arie Labeaux is the handsome and business-driven worker at his father’s restaurant, Galley Chambers. He puts his life on the back burner to make sure every aspect of the restaurant runs smoothly until he meets the mysterious and alluring Abbas ...
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Take Me Away! A Gay Romance
Jingle Balls contains 2 stories:  His Gift  When Rudy, the straight guy receives an expensive present from his gay room mate, Josh, he feels compelled to give Josh something in return. The problem is Rudy doesn't have any money, s...
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Jingle Balls: Gay Christmas Stories (Erotica & BDSM)
Choosing who we fall in love with is never an option and in Eric’s case, it happens to be his sister’s fiancé, Marc. He finds himself caught up in a passionate affair, but only the barn knows his secret. Unfortunately, not even woo...
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Burning Barn
When Harry and Tommy's flight to Las Vegas is delayed, the couple decides to spend the night at Tommy's father, George's house. Harry is introduced to the revolving conflict between father and son and during his attempt to the solve the m...
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Meet My Daddy
When Taki Daikon's bakery is on the brink of bankruptcy, his only option is to borrow money from the mysterious Vincent Vermicelli, but it's not money Vincent wants in return, instead Taki must pay the price with his body.
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Cakes and Guns

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