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Aithne Jarretta

Once upon a time Aithne Jarretta tripped upon a ley line. Actually it had happened before, but she didn't realize the ramifications until later. 

She brushed the incident aside and climbed into her car. Real life was the important factor at the moment. 
However, those RL moments wove into meeting new friends--the kind most people never see and definitely don't chat much about. 
Those friends came with persistent voices. Eventually Aithne brought them out of the closet and politely called them Muses. 
They became her virtual traveling companions and still journey with her today. 
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  Shayla Brinawell comes from a fragmented family. Fearful of the dangers her daughter could face, Shayla's mother raised her to deny and hide her magical gifts. Shayla is about to have her world turned upside down and every other whi...
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A Peek Into the Life of Aithne Jarretta

Arsi Rose

Arsi Rose
My Oak

My Oak
Sunset Point

Sunset Point
Honeymoon Isle

Honeymoon Isle

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