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Is war politics by other means or a defeat for humanity? The inherit beast of mankind or a natural consequence of ignorance?   As young warriors drench the soil with their blood, they question why. Political realizations or philosophy...
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Sacred Blood
  An old man’s secret pain and guilt and a young girl’s inability to deal with the death of her mother will take you inside their shattered lives.    Author Ashley Thornton stumbles on a heart breaking story ...
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Three Fallen Leaves
  At the urging of her daughter in law, eighty four year old Liesel Halston visits her hometown with the hope of finding closure from Nazi persecution and the pain of losing loved ones.   Sitting on a wooden bench, Li...
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The Old Lady and the River
  How can one comprehend the pain of a young mother torn away from her five-year-old boy to defend her country on the battlefield? A car accident killed Marissa's husband three years prior. Now, as a single mom, she has to leave h...
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They Followed the Call

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