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After a career in the chemical industry with ICI and Zeneca, Alan took up writing novels and poetry in retirement. His novels are contemporary suspense/mysteries with their roots in history. His first, The Stuart Agenda draws on the sad history of the deposed royal Stuart dynasty. The second novel, The Glorious Twelfth, is set in his native Caithness
in the North of Scotland, a land of moors and cliffs, golden beaches, seabirds and big skies. He often visits that unique corner of the British Isles mainland where the Viking invasions strongly influenced language and culture. Wick, his birthplace, was once the premier herring port in Europe but, as in so many other fishing towns, the harbour is now a marina.
His family home is in Yorkshire, near Huddersfield, with its valleys and mills, relics of a once mighty wool textile industry. Alan and family spent time in France on secondment with ICI, starting a love affair that draws that country into all his books.  He is married to Jennifer, also from Wick and has two daughters and four grandchildren.
As well as writing novels and poetry, his interests include fishing, especially for salmon on the Thurso River, walking, photography, cooking, good food and wine.


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              The Stuart Agenda by Alan Calder -  Synopsis   Robert Lafarge is the hereditary Royal Stuart heir in a legitimate, but unrecognised direct line from ...
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