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Alan J Garner

I am a NZ science fantasy novelist published by SynergEbooks.

In case you are wondering what my genre is, take the machinery of sci-fi plus the magic of fantasy and stir in a genrous dollop of humour. The end result is Science Fantasy, where the reader enjoys the best from both worlds.

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A Note From Alan J Garner

Working hard writing Magic's Resolve, volume three in my sprawling Terrath series.

Current Releases
As the conflict between the Fellow Races escalates sides must be taken as Fate and Destiny struggle for control of Terrath. 
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Enemy Winter
A collection of linked stories based loosely on Alan J. Garner's own childhood. It's a hilarious and fanciful romp covering the trials and tribulations of a boy struggling to make sense of his life while dealing with everyday growing pains...
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The Long and Short Adventures of Eamon Birdsley
Ancient Troll writings foretell the emergence of a champion from the West fated to determine the destiny of the Fellow Races. Kidnapped as an infant and raised in the East by a retired solider, a bewildered youth becomes embroiled in the affairs of w...
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Wizards' Goal
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The future is flooded, the fall of human civilization partnering the risen sea level. Taking to the oceans to survive, a bio-engineered remnant of Man lives a primitive, yet harmonious, life, undersea in the tropics. But the Cetari are not alone in s...
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Three Times Chosen
A pride of prehistoric giant cats is mutated by an extraterrestrial abductor and forced to hunt the walking apes destined to evolve into humankind on the ancient East Afrian plains.
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Chosen Too
Two dinosaurs must choose between themselves who will resurrect an alien saviour's vanished race before a doomsday meteor crashes on Planet Earth.
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The Chosen One

A Peek Into the Life of Alan J Garner

Here's me holding a copy of THE CHOSEN ONE, my first book published and so far the only one in print

Here's me holding a copy of THE CHOSEN ONE, my first book published and so far the only one in print

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