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When sexual demon Bem Hazari possesses her lover’s soul, Emma discovers a world of passion, bondage and illicit love which threatens her fragile existence. The fragile world of sensitive Emma is torn apart when her Indian lover Shankar i...
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Sinful Treasure
  When voluptuous Chickadee meets the intrepid French inventor Arnaud Petit, it isn’t simply his latest invention - Petit’s amazing mechanical horse - which Chickadee desires. Petulant Chickadee Devereux, daughter of the...
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  An erotic short story set in Victorian London by Alcamia Payne. What is the secret of elegant Constanzia Pryce, the Victorian woman who always wears a long veil, and shrouds her face in mystery? When Michael Weston falls in love and...
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Veiled Seduction
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An historical erotic novella with lesbian themes by Alcamia Payne. Clemmie Beaumont is a beautiful widow and her plantation has been ravaged by the American Civil War. Clemmie's only option to save her home seems to be to sell the Beaumon...
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The Jewel Box
The Egyptian Slave is an erotic short story by Alcamia Payne with gay, historical and Dom/sub themes Mem, favourite of the pharaoh, has one problem, he seems to have lost his mojo. One day, he gives in to impetuosity and buys a new slave girl...
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The Egyptian Slave
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