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Alef Fela

I am a lifelong spanko and a writer of spanking fiction. My main interest is in the psychological aspects of spanking relationships; I try to explore how they work and what they signify. Although I mainly write M/F stories, I like to think of myself as something of a feminist (to the extent a man can be!), and my heroines are usually strong, intelligent, independent women who for inscrutable (at least to themselves) reasons feel an urge to be punished and corrected. I also have a weakness for clever, responsible, well-intended students or schoolgirls who get into trouble the first time they succumb to temptation...

I try to write stories where the characters, the plot, and the atmosphere are as important as the spankings. As a reader, I find it hard to relate to spanking stories where I don't care for the characters, and I try hard to make my own characters rich, complex, believable (and lovable) human beings. One of my main themes is communication - or the lack of it - in relationships, and the way spankings are two-way acts of communication. And, of course, the ultimate hope is that some of my stories will make sense even to non-spankos!

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A Note from School is a story set in Norway, which tells of the developing relationship between 18-year-old Ingvild and her boyfriend Torgeir. Ingvild fails to hand over a note from school about her and her friend Margrete being caught cheating in...
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A Note From School

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