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I was born in Athens, Greece and raised in the States from a very young age. So I tell my friends that I'm Greek by birth and American by choice. I've straddled the Atlantic and had a foot on each continent for many years, enjoying the best of both cultures. 

I currently have three single titles releases and two others under contract.  My books are set in various locations throughout the world, allowing me the chance to incorporate my love for travel. However,the characters are the ones I fall in love with first. The fun begins when I throw them into a place which matches their personalities and their decisions cost them the most. The Greek Rule and The Summer Deal are set in Greece, and the Eyes of the Dead unravels in the Mayan jungle. Even though they are all contemporaries, they cross genres. One has romantic suspense and paranormal elements, an other is a time travel.

I invite you to take some time and visit my website or stop by and friend me on myspace,



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Current Releases
Two months before her twenty-third birthday, Sapphyra Morelli pumps herself up with confidence and corporate bravado and storms into her husband’s conference room a changed woman. In spite of all her preparations, pride blinds her to the truth ...
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Dante's Deal
Samantha Mallone is a smart, beautiful redhead who is oblivious of the magnetic affect she has on her charismatic boss.   International billionaires don’t lie to get a woman, but Demosthenis Lakis does just that to lure his assistan...
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The Summer Deal
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