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Lets see, 
I'm introverted, college educated; I like animals, but have no pets. 
I study metaphysics, I practice Martial arts and run alot. I design accessories, giftware and other stuff to make a living. 
I paint, draw and am currently trying to get used to my new Wacom create tablet. 

My favorite food: Sashimi, my favorite desert: Dark Chocolate. 

I'm Native American, have a significant other whom is my lifemate and without whom, well, let's just say I really really love him. 
Okay, that's about it, oh yeah, I've got a thing for crows... 

And I write yaoi, boy's love, m/m romance stories, helps me work out the stuff I struggle with as a result of my weird childhood.

A Note From Alex A Akira

Links for my recent releases, where you can read a chapter if you take a " Look Inside":

Current Releases
This swiftly-paced two-volume romantic Yaoi love story tells the tale of the multi-talented thief/dancer Philippe Michael Ponty. First introduced in Dojo Boys: Dragon & Crow Volume II, the now twenty-two year old platinum haired, petite Adonis...
Available Now!
Dojo Boys: The Italian Connection Volume One
Volume II of this swiftly paced romantic Yaoi novel finds Tanaka operative Philippe Michael Ponty fleeing his new lover only to run into his old nemesis Jun Watanabe. Forced to comply with a kidnapping, he finds himself in the hands of the Yakuz...
Available Now!
Dojo Boys: the Italian Connection Volume Two

A Peek Into the Life of Alex A Akira

The cover of my latest release Volume one

The cover of my latest release Volume one
The cover of my latest release Volume Two

The cover of my latest release Volume Two

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