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Alex Bowman chose to jump into the mm arena when a story that was just too good to ignore had to be put down on paper. Published in another arena, Alex is enjoying the pronoun juxtaposition of the gay lit world. A kingdom for a new pronoun!

A lifetime resident of Williamsburg, Virginia, Alex loves the water, the sun, and the sand. As well as the scantily-clad men who frolic around it. Inspiration is everywhere. So, another story is probably formulating right…about…now.

Current Releases

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Laying Down the Lawman
The Soul Collectors, 1 Discarded most of his life, Jamie had learned as a teen that he was a Soul Collector, one of a mysterious group who fought the demons that attacked fellow humans. Cast out into the world, alone, the orphan fought hard t...
Available Now!
Losing His Religion

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