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The son and heir to a noble, Nedim Melchion has always been used to the more illicit pleasures in the high society of the Divine Kingdom of Lis, where laws are harsh and punishments harsher. So far his money and status have protected him from the gri...
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Tivi's Dagger
  Prez has been in the arms – or tentacles – of one too many brothel workers in his time. The memory of long-lost love is all he has, and it’s not enough. But no one in the Belaar-Andra system wants an alien half-breed f...
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Benedict Smith is an artist-turned-mature-student, and is feeling the pinch of funding his new studies. Forced to sell some of his grandmother’s jewelry to get some extra cash, it’s not just the antiques that have caught his eye but al...
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A Rare Thing
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