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Punishment Manor is run by Angelica on behalf of its owner Donna, a lifestyle dominatrix. It is where wealthy Mistresses send their slaves when they need more extreme discipline. Things go wrong at the Manor when Angelica’s second-in-command, M...
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Rule of the Mistress

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Mistress Divine
Stunning dominatrix Mistress Gale keeps her sex-slaves under control by constantly subjecting them to various outlandish forms of erotic domination. A particular favorite of hers is to impose regular bouts of orgasm denial on them. She likes nothi...
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Alice in Dungeonland
Slave Andre has told his adored Mistress Anita all about his darkest, most extreme sexual fantasies and now it’s Anita’s turn to do the same. Hers prove to be exotic to say the least, occurring in a kind of dreamscape where all is sex, do...
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Mistress Immortal
Cap de Berg in the South of France is a nudist resort. But it is not just any nudist resort. It is the biggest, sexiest, kinkiest nudist resort in the world. It’s a paradise for persons of a deviant disposition. But there is trouble in paradise...
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Naked Submission
Welcome to Cap de Berg, the biggest, sexiest, kinkiest nudist resort in the world. Talented erotic painter Nicole has lost her creative inspiration and decides to embark on a sexual adventure to help her rediscover it. She moves in with Mistress Cath...
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Nicole au Naturel
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Master David is having difficulties keeping his feisty slave Rosa under control. He loans her temporarily to the formidable dominatrix, Mistress Kat. The result? No more problems with Rosa. Mistress Kat is as cruel as they come. She takes no prisoner...
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Kat and Sophia

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