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Corporate Runaway. Novelist. Wanderer. Bourbon Drinker.

I live to read, and I wanted heroines who were strong, powerful women in charge of their kingdoms, dreams, and destinies. So I began to write characters I wanted to read, and as soon as I opened that Pandora's box-- well, it became a passion. The kind you quit your 9-5 to devote your life to. The kind that wakes you up in the middle of the night to write. I hope you enjoy these characters as much as I enjoy writing their stories.

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A Note From Alexi LAWLESS

To the Reader (Whom I Adore)

Your passion for the story is the lifeblood of any writer...

Without fierce and inspired readers like you--the ones who really, really want to know what happens next... there would be no writing. And without you... none of this would be possible.   

If you have not yet done so, I invite you to join the LAWLESS Crew by signing up here. You'll receive a free copy of the Novella, Complicated Creatures Part 1.5, written entirely from Evan Rush's POV. "Why Rush?" you say? Because that southern gent has the bird's eye view into Sam's world, both business and personal, and he'll be able to share some insights you've been dying to know.  

So hang on tight, lovely... I'm coming for you.  


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What happens when curiosity becomes obsession? From author Alexi LAWLESS, the first part in a provocative romantic suspense series... Luck is Jack Roman's middle name— and Chicago is his Empire. He lives to work, loves to play, and m...
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Complicated Creatures

A Peek Into the Life of Alexi LAWLESS


Complicated Creatures Part One

Complicated Creatures Part One
Complicated Creatures 1.5

Complicated Creatures 1.5

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Alexi LAWLESS's Links:

Complicated Creatures Part One Available on Amazon for 99 cents through August 31.

Complicated Creatures Part 1.5 Available free when you subscribe to the LAWLESS Crew newsletter. Sign up here.

Complicated Creatures Part Two is due out early October. If you are interested in being an advanced reviewer and receiving an advance review copy, please sign up here.


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