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Alice Cain is a pen name for an experienced romance author who decided to try something a little different. Alice is addicted to happy endings and writes gay erotic romance in several genres, including contemporary, BDSM, paranormal, and science fiction.

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Deacon likes being a lone wolf. He doesn't need a pack or the rules an alpha will enforce, and he sure as hell doesn't need a mate. But one whiff of the cute werewolf who wanders into his bar is more than enough to change his mind. Discove...
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Lupinville Book 4.3 - Jai's Lone Wolf [Erotic Gay Romance]
Kelby is just glad to have his man back. Nearly twelve months ago Eric had disappeared and despite the unbelievable stories he returned with, there's no way Kelby will let Eric try to find an explanation alone. He silently vows to stay close as E...
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Alateeka Protection Services book 3.2 - Theirs to Find [Gay Erotic Romance]
Rescuing them was the easy part… Despite the bleeding bullet wounds, the technology malfunction that tried to cut off his ability to breathe, and the EMP blast that melted everything else, Kobeen is going to count this particular mission as...
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Alien Instincts [Gay menage romance]
He was sent to welcome them to the neighborhood... Breaking into their home wasn't part of his assignment, and his bosses at Alateeka Protection Services will be horrified when they learn that he entered a private home while two vampires slept...
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Alateeka Protection Services book 3.1 - Theirs to Hold [Gay Erotic Romance]
Kieran had no idea the man he'd been dreaming about was actually real… Yet he never would have guessed that actually meeting Ash would be just the beginning of their problems. Kieran is shocked to discover the people closest to him aren...
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Havenwood Book 1 - Omega's Seductive Call [Gay Mpreg Romance]
Brody never expected to find his mate being held captive by humans… In fact, nothing about Justin is what Brody anticipated. Faced with a choice he'd never dreamed he'd need to make, Brody chooses love over duty. But when the case h...
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Alateeka Protection Services book 3 - His to Rescue [Gay Erotic Romance]
"Just forget it all. Trust me, some things you're just better off not knowing." For Miles Burbury that turned out to be terrible advice. Attacked and left for dead by a group of hyena shifters, Miles can only lament on the sort of an...
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Alateeka Protection Services book 2.1 - His to Love [Gay Erotic Romance]
Betrayed and discarded by the man he trusted for the past three years, Thomas suddenly finds himself homeless, penniless, and angry as hell. Zane knows the penalties for attacking a Dom inside Club Stunhz, so he moves quickly to calm an overwrough...
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Club Stunhz Book 2.2 - His Master Zane [Gay Erotic romance]
Calvin's pathetic excuse for a car dumped him on the side of the highway. He's still at least forty miles from Lupinville pack lands and only an hour away from a full moon. Stranded and alone in hostile territory, his omega curse means he'...
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Lupinville Book 4.2 - Cal's Curse
First impressions can destroy a good thing before it even gets started… Devlin Cartwright never expected to find his destiny at a gay pride parade, but the first glimpse of his true mate has him questioning his sanity? Can fate really get t...
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Lupinville Book 4.1 - Dev's Surprise [Erotic Gay Romance]
Rick has always been fascinated by the wolf that broke through a window to protect him, but when he finally meets the wolf in his man form the physical attraction between them is off the charts. Jordan can't understand what fate was thinking. ...
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Lupinville Book 4 - Rick's Reluctant Mate [Gay Erotic romance]
Rescue was a long time coming. For nearly a decade Boon was held captive by the humans, but he wasn't their only victim. When Garth finally rescues him, Boon makes sure that Jonah Markson—the human who'd been forced to experiment on Boo...
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Alien Enticement [Gay erotic ménage romance] - Quick Bite
Master Gilbert has kept an eye on Ethan—a particularly sexy sub at Club Stunhz—for the past several months, but it's only after the man has a really difficult day at work that Gilbert finally gets his chance to convince Ethan that he ...
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Club Stunhz Book 2.1 - His Master Gilbert [Gay Erotic BDSM romance]
Kyle Alateeka never expected to be attracted to a man so different to his usual type, but no matter what he tries to tell himself, he can't seem to resist Officer Alex Jones. Alex has no idea what's happening, but being attacked by hyenas ...
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Alateeka Protection Services book 2 - His to Claim [Gay Erotic Romance]
Two happy werewolves are about to learn the delicious meaning of "alpha and omega." Ryan's mate has been protecting him for more than thirty years, but when he finally does come face-to-face with the man, they discover more than eith...
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Lupinville Book 3.3 - Ryan's Protector [Gay Erotic Romance]
Jeff Templeton's heart is numb. His mate died sixty years ago, long before Jeff had a chance to protect him from a pack that refused to accept anyone who was different. But when he discovers an unknown wolf on the edge of Lupinville lands, he&...
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Lupinville Book 3.2 - Jeff's Heart [Gay Erotic Romance]
Simon has a secret. He's a male omega and he's spent years avoiding his mate and hiding the truth from the Lupinville pack, so what happens when Maggie realizes and sends Lukas to check on him just as he goes into heat?   A Lu...
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Lupinville Book 3.1 - Lukas's Omega [Gay Erotic Romance]
When Tyler Defoe discovers his best friend has been murdered, he can barely comprehend his loss, so when the investigator sent in the sheriff's place suggests that Logan might not be dead, Tyler is happy to believe him. Watching his friend wake a...
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Alateeka Protection Services Book 1 - His to Protect [Gay erotic romance]
Damian's day just went downhill. An unexpected visitor blew his cover and led his enemies to his door, his sometimes-lover is out of cell range, the new guy is a seriously sexy temptation, and they're all about to discover that aliens are rea...
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Alien Desires [Gay Menage romance]
Par'k isn't having a good day. His personal shield failed, he lost communication with his ship, his pursuers shot him, and his faith in the human race has been seriously compromised, but if he doesn't ask for help, he'll probably die ...
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Alien Seduction [Gay menage romance]
At loose ends now that his son has started college, Cody drops by the camping grounds, the scene of his biggest failure fourteen years ago, to reminisce about the man who helped him when he needed help the most. The gorgeous, sexy, compassionate Sher...
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Lupinville Book 3 - Cody's Eternal Sheriff [Erotic gay romance]
Aiden didn't mean to bite the man… When Goldie drops by to visit his old swim buddy, he's rather surprised to discover that instead of the quiet life Noah had wanted, that the man is now in charge of some secret organization. Goldie...
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Lupinville Book 2 - Aiden's Accidental Beta [Gay Adult romance]
Reece just wanted to spend one uninterrupted picnic with his husband, Nathan. A huge blue man falling from the sky and crushing their car was not on the menu, but getting shot in the back by military personnel when he tries to help is the last thing ...
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Alien Attraction [Gay ménage romance]
Master Donald is well known for being a hard-core Dom at Club Stunhz, but what his many admirers don't know is that he doesn't want or need a full-time Dom/sub relationship. When Mitchell is attacked and badly injured by one of the Doms, the...
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Club Stunhz Book 2 - Their Master Don [Gay BDSM menage romance]
Sam has owned Club Stunhz for six years now, and he takes his responsibilities very seriously. He’s always hesitated to get permanently involved with a sub for fear that he would need to set the man aside while he deals with the day-to-day prob...
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Club Stunhz Book 1 - Their Master Sam [Gay BDSM menage romance]
When Noah steps in to protect an elderly woman from being attacked by her violent grandson, he has no idea how much his life is about to change. Being stabbed by something sharp and mauled by a wolf hadn’t been part of the plan, but waking up t...
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Lupinville Book 1 - Liam’s Unexpected Alpha [Erotic gay romance]
Daniel is a regular guy, with regular dreams. Tired of unsatisfying sex-based relationships, he’s searching for a man who could be “the one.” Or... at least, he would be searching, if he wasn’t busy renovating an old dilapidat...
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In Dreams and Darkness [Erotic gay romance]
Caleb has loved his best friend since high school, but by the time he admitted his sexuality to himself, he and Jeremy had gone their separate ways. Eight years later, a worried call from Jeremy's mother brings the man back into Caleb's li...
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Saving His Soldier [Erotic gay romance]
Joel Dawson has been in love with his boss for the past four years, but it’s only when Colby Richards finally admits his sexuality that Joel realizes his dreams might become a reality. Yet after only one amazing night together Colby pulls aw...
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Claiming His Boss [Erotic gay romance]

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