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BDSM, Femdom, sci-fi, horror, vampires – anything supernatural. I prefer spanking stories, though I’ll write anything that makes my girlfriend hot. She loves to read my stories, because I try to mix our own lives into each and everything that I write.

Sometimes the stories are about our pasts. Sophia and I are both Catholic, and we were raised in strict families. The schools were even stricter. I was caned, and Sophia was paddled. Both of us have been hand-spanked in our homes as youths.

You’d think we’d be done with it. But we’re not. Somewhere along the line, Sophia and I began to enjoy the feeling of a hand, paddle or other spanking instrument across our ass. While we both love to have our cheeks blushed, I tend to be the aggressor more often than not.

The take-away, my pets, is that for us, it’s who we are.

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Diana Street is a no nonsense private detective who spanks her way through a high profile murder case, while making love to the women she meets along the way. Wayward females learn that Diana has little patience with those who break the rules; and...
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