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Alicia Cagey

Writer of erotica, paranormal erotica, songs, novels (in progress, anyway), and the occasional Christmas card. I garner inspiration from walking often along a craggy New England beach, under veil of moonlight, letting the tempestuous waves stir my imagination.

When not writing I spend time enjoying the diversity of life. I like any kind of dance, though ballet has ruined my toes, so I should probably hate it. I’m a total food snob and like to eat, but I hate to cook so that sometimes presents a conundrum. Anything artsy generally amuses me, but I’ve also been accused of having terrible taste in film and television. I drink extremely strong coffee. My favorite fruit is the fig.

Contrary to speculation, I do not practice any form of voodoo.

I hope you enjoy my work. I’ll fret if you don’t.

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For a decade, Gaston Martin has been cursed with the inability to fall in love and an insatiable desire that is never fully satisfied. After his wife died, he consulted a voodoo priestess to perform a resurrection. Instead, the priestess cast a spell...
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Voodoo Urges

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