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Alison Jean Ash

Alison Jean Ash grew up all over the US, and, unsurprisingly, read a lot. Books were her best friends, and for a long time, due to all that moving, her only friends. Life is better balanced now, but libraries, bookstores, and a certain armchair on a rainy day, are still some of her favorite places to be.

She began publishing her stories in 2011, mostly sweet contemporary romance, and a few forays into paranormal: time travel, a door into Faerie.

Alison's stories have a gentle feminist edge. There are no bra burners, just women who respect themselves (or learn to respect themselves in the course of the story) and are willing to share life and love with men who are their equals. She's never learned to enjoy reading about, let alone writing about, "alpha males" or helpless women who wait to be rescued from their lives.

Alison lives in a small city in the Pacific Northwest with her bookish and sexy husband. She enjoys trips to the Coast and to Europe, spoiling her grandchildren, and being a soccer hooligan.

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