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Aliya Anjum

I have been writing since the age of eight and got published at 17 in the largest selling daily of Pakistan. I have written over a wide range of topics including op-eds, book reviews, travelogues, socio-economic write-ups and economic policy critiques.

I am a prize winning author of three books, which remained unpublished till I found e-books. I wrote them to find challenge in boring work. I have published one of them as an e-book.

My latest writings are based on history. The first book is a short account of the wives of Prophet Muhammad to humanize the 11 ladies by looking at their personalities.

My second book is a travelogue on Greece. This book is an unconventional travelogue since it covers history, sightseeing and globalization in a very enjoyable narrative. I have also launched a third book on Muslim Science, but it is available on another forum.

I hold a BBA/MBA degree from the Institute of Business Administration(IBA), Karachi and an MS from Philadelphia University, US.  I have worked at a French and a British Bank before heading to US for grad school.  I teach MBA students part time at a business school.

A Note From Aliya Anjum

I am possibly the first indie non-fiction author on Amazon Kindle and smashwords from Pakistan.

Current Releases
Look at Greece through the eyes of a solo Muslim female traveler from Pakistan. See the pictures in the linked slideshow to follow the narration pictorially. Become a virtual fellow traveler in this tale. A travelogue that would take you through 4...
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Two weeks of solo travel in Greece: a Pakistani girl's diary
This short, crisp account would take you through 6,000 years of human history to trace the origins of inventions, institutions and the sciences from the ancient world (mainly Greek) through the medieval Islamic world to the modern world. It would ...
Available Now!
Muhammad's Wives

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