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Allison Cassatta

Born and raised in Memphis, Tennessee, big-city life was a rat race that kept her busy in her career. It took moving with her new husband to a sleepy Mississippi town to make her realize that dreams can come true, and did they ever. She found herself a published author. She found her perfect romance. 
She has an eye for the visually stunning and a mind that screams to bring that beauty to life. She gives her readers something they can feel in the depth of their hearts, creates worlds they can touch, and characters who become your best friend or worst enemy.

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Dear Diary: Book Three Chris Bishop graduated high school with Josh, the love of his life, by his side. Agreeing it's not wise to room together, the boys choose to live in the dorms—separate dorms. But their decision fails to keep t...
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Relationship 101
Skip ahead thirteen years, and Steffi Gebauer is a well-adjusted teenager with her life mapped out. Her future looks bright, and on the cusp of her eighteenth birthday, things couldn't be better. She has great role models, a great boyfriend, a...
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Sin & Seduction: Book One   Dorian Grant is king of the New Orleans underworld, but he isn’t mafia and doesn’t appreciate the assumption. He’s simply a crude businessman anyone in his right mind would thi...
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Sin & Seduction
It should be just another day for best friends Parker and Toby, not much different than any other day they’ve spent hanging out over the past fifteen years. But it isn’t just another day. Toby thinks Parker is freaking out because his ...
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Kissing is Easy
  Archer thought he'd have the fairytale life with the man of his dreams, until those dreams were torn from him by hateful words and a heart that didn't have the will to go on beating. He lost the man he loved, the man he'd be...
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From Ashes To Flame
  They say love comes in the most unexpected packages, and nothing could be truer for Brigid-a natural witch with a heart of gold and a heap of unfortunate luck. After the deaths of her mother and Grandma Ana, she'd found herself-...
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The Witch's Familiar
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  As children, we feared the boogeyman. Our parents comforted us when the monster under the bed or in the dark depths of our slightly opened closet threatened our safety. We cried when those evil creatures invaded our nightmares and stole...
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Evernight: Romance in a World of Darkness
Chris Bishop is an All-American type guy with the perfect family, perfect grades and perfect girlfriend, with a bright and shiny future ahead of him. He thought he had everything planned, thought he knew it all. But one summer, a kiss, and a ...
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Dear Diary
Madeline never thought she would find love so deep that it transcended the physical world and definitely never thought she would find it in a vampire. But when the body count starts to rise, she begins to question the curiously desirable new ...
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When the spark in his relationship fizzles, Dominic thinks he's doing the right thing by breaking it off with his lover, Brody, but he never expected his good boy to go so horribly bad. Consumed with guilt, Dom confronts Brody about his self-d...
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Sins of the Heart

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