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Sandy and wet, Bill, if that is even his name, wander through Wilmington's beaches and motels in search of a killer, his father. More over, he wants to find himself, his love, and a way back to sanity. Trapped in a world of blind trust, endearing...
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Stranger In My Head
Allistar Parker has created a collection of stories to excite your darker side of life. Through the eyes of some seedy characters, difficult masters, a zombie, an old Volkswagen, you can experience those moments your mother warned you about. ...
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Darkly Ever After

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The Bridge
Three stories of regular sized women enjoying sex in a world where real men love their real women. We’ve all seen them, those boney women with straw hair that resemble brooms more than lovers. What guys crave are real women with real bo...
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Hot Comfortable Women
Life as a preacher’s wife was as uneventful as Jill’s life as a pastor’s daughter had been, that is, until Dalía appeared. As devil possessed women are apt to do, she rips Mark and Jill’s marriage apart, leaving dest...
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The Preacher's Wife

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