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The inspiration for my book came from taking an actual trip to Yellowstone with my husband. I wondered if there was a market for us "middle aged" women that would be more about ordinary life and what really happens. No billionaires, no hot 20-something young women with perfect skin, long hair and sexy body. No yachts, jetting around the world or even dream jobs. Sounds boring right? Aren't books suppose to be about fantasies, and fairy tales, and happily ever after? Well why can't that story be all that only in the point of view of a 55 year old? We may be getting old, but we are a long way from dead!

I live in the northwest suburbs of Chicago with my husband. Two adult children are on their own and I'm retired, so now I can enjoy my favorite hobbies of reading, sewing and selling on Etsy and now adding writer to the mix.


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Mel Hemmings is a fifty- something woman married to her husband Peter for 34 years. After raising two children, running a household and working full time jobs, their life together seems to be falling apart. They don't talk to each other, petty th...
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Road Trip (How I Found My Own Mr. Grey)
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