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Stormwalker Janet Begay returns home only to have the ground collapse beneath her-literally. After tumbling two hundred feet underground, Janet is rescued by her dragon boyfriend, Mick. But something dark touches Mick while in the sinkhole, and Ja...
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Shadow Walker (Stormwalker Series #3)
Book Six, Tales of the Shareem   A level-three Shareem, created solely to give sexual pleasure through dominance, Braden is also on a mission. A mission to help get all Shareem off Bor Narga. The highborn women who rule the desert pla...
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Janet Begay is a Stormwalker--one who can channel the power of storms to work great magic. The desert town of Magellan is no stranger to the weird--vortexes that hold mystical energy lie just outside of town, and the residents are used to shape shift...
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It will take the love of two men to save a powerful goddess. Second in a new paranormal erotica series—from the author of Mortal Temptations For three thousand years Dimitri, a ferociously sexy tiger shape-shifter, has never stopped loving ...
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Mortal Seductions
Dragon Series book 3 Carol Juan doesn't really believe that her grandmother's friends are dragons, though she'll admit that Caleb and Malcolm are unusual. But when a Fire Dragon, a very rare creature who can not only take human form but turn himse...
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The Dragon Master
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