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Allyson Louise Giles was born and raised in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. She is the proud owner of Awaken Enchantment where she shares her passions through healing, teaching and speaking. As an Angel Therapist®, and Certified Medium Allyson is passionate about sharing her love of spirituality and helping others.  It was through her meditation practice in March of ’07 that she discovered her passion for writing and the world of Faye was born. She is an avid writer of poetry and has always had a love for fantasy. In both her work and her writing she strives to be of joyful service, working closely with the elemental and angelic realms. This is her first novel and she hopes it will enchant readers of all ages while helping them to discover the magic inherent in their everyday lives.

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In this imaginative and healing book, Deliah, who is about to turn eleven, suffers a great loss. Unaware that there is an enchanted kingdom of fairies in her own backyard, Deliah receives their loving help to see her through her grief. The fairies...
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Believe: A Tale of Faye
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