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Some secrets are too dangerous to share. Lewis Carew is a lone wolf, unable to form a relationship with anyone. Every month, on the night of the full moon, he seeks out a new woman for a torrid bout of wild, anonymous sex. He slakes his appetite t...
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Lone Wolf
When Ellie opens her door on her birthday, she finds a naked man on her doorstep. Peter is an angel, on a mission to find out how sex can be so powerful that new arrivals in heaven grieve for eons over its loss. Ellie has been selected to teach hi...
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Send Me An Angel
Even good girls can learn to break the rules. Chelsea had a plan for her life. She worked for it. Played by all the rules, did what was expected of her—only to be left starting her life over from scratch. Luckily, she has great friends wh...
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The Devil Made Me Do It
The gardener's sin is my lord and lady's pleasure. The daughter of an earl, Lady Mary Linden never noticed the servants who toiled on her father’s estate. But her aristocratic blindness shatters when she meets Drake, the head gar...
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The Gardener's Sin
Elise loves her husband. He shares her with a handsome, dominating stranger. Billionaire Blair Cowdery and his wife Elise travel the world seeking new pleasures. On the island of Santorini their status ensures they get the personal attention o...
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Submitting to Him
Hot sun, hot sand and a hot, hot man. Who says an older woman can't have adventure? Kitty Benson left her home in the UK to find the warmth of the sun 'Down Under'. She never expected the journey to include a life-threatening exper...
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Downunder Heat
Angelique needs a scandal so outrageous it will shock all of Paris, and she has managed to find the two men who will help her enact it. In the France of Louis XIV, Angelique Beaulieu’s step—father is forcing her to marry the aging ...
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A Boudoir for Three
    Combat-hardened Dvallin warrior Tybor has no room in his life for softness or sentiment. His job is to train the soldiers who stand between his people and destruction. He instantly despises Huon, his newest recruit, dismi...
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Warrior's Apprentice
When the mesmerizing Stephen Damon appears on the path at midnight on the night of the full moon, he lures Lauren Miller into a wild, passionate romance. Nothing, not the police listing him as a suspect in a brutal murder that occurs on the night he ...
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Full Moon
Betrayed by love, passion is their salvation. On midsummer's night, on her way home from a beach party, Maddie stumbles into a strange, new, world, rich with exotic flowers and tall forests. It is ruled by Oberon and Puck, two of the most ...
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For Love of a Mortal

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