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Vyllis is a bookbinder, and he lives in a small village near a mountain lorded over by a formidable baron. When Vyllis’ lover vanishes and his small shop mysteriously burns down, he has no choice but to go work for the baron, whom he c...
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The Baron of Crows
Sci Fi Sebastian has never been happier than he is now, living on the warm, wet jungle planet Sferkkaa. As a naturalist his days are filled with new and wonderful creatures to study. However, when Tiff takes Sebastian to speak to his cou...
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Waiting for the Sun
Sebastian Black is a research scientist, come from Earth to explore the flora and fauna of the strange jungle planet of Sferkkaa. However, when his small one-man ship crashes, Sebastian learns something he hadn’t counted on -- namely t...
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Life Out There
Genre:  Fantasy Wounded and dying in the woods, Mick figures his fate seems sealed after he's been shot by a former friend. However, a mysterious and strikingly handsome stranger comes to his aid, and life for Mick takes a very s...
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Sleep Walk With Me
It’s not all glory and glamour being the personal assistant of a major rock star, but Andrew does the job as well as he can. And when he's asked to procure a horse for a music video, he finds the most beautiful horse he’s ever seen. Howev...
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The Thunder-Horse
After many long years of slowly watching his ranch go downhill and seeing the people he cares for die or leave, Jack is left with virtually nothing. His only remaining ranch hand is a young man named Daniel, a man who has also become Jack...
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Road Trip

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