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Amanda Clark

Amanda was born in Colchester but now lives on the edge of the Lake District and the border of Scotland. She lives with her hubby of fourteen years and her youngest son. They have a mini zoo of animals to keep them busy, dogs, cats, ferrets and reptiles.

When she isn

t writing or spending time with her family she can be found curled up reading.


She has been a reader all her life and only tried her hand at writing about two years agos.


To keep up to date with her check out her author page on Facebook

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Current Releases
Craig has lived a life of loneliness, fear and pain, will that change now he has met his mate or is Mother Nature messing with him? Will the one person meant to bring him happiness do that? Scott, as the Beta of the Derwent Pack, for the last eigh...
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The Beta Gets His Man
    Emma stepped out of her Mini and stretched, it had been a long drive from London to this sleepy town in the Lake District, but this is where she had chosen to have her fresh start and totally new life. No more a veterinary as...
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Emma's Alpha

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