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I'm a truck-driving tell-it-like-it is babe who loves duct tape and anything pink (including my rig). A while back, I picked up a no-good bum hitch-hiking down some middle of nowhere Alberta highway, and the ride has been crazy ever since.I don't stand on ceremony, and no, despite what my mama says, i don't check my language at the door. You don't like the way i talk, don't let the handle hit you in the a$$ when you leave. 

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It's a 'Thelma and Louise meets Pulp Fiction' encounter when fugitive Dashiel Waitflaker hitches a ride with truck driving Bambi and her pink teacup poodle, Adolf. From the moment Dash climbs into the hot pink eighteen-wheeler, the bat...
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Dashiel Waitflaker: Deer Hunter
Settled in Mexico, their lottery winnings spent, Bambi and Dash are slinging beer at the Pink Pagoda Burrito Bar and Beer Haus to the usual crowd of banditos and drug dealers. When Bambi's biological clock gets the best of her, she puts the mo...
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Dashiel Waitflaker: A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To The Opera

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