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Gregory, an ambitious sorcerer, tried to become immortal... but the spell went wrong and transformed him into a bodiless spirit. For five hundred years, he's roamed the world trapped between life and death, cut off from all human contact. Then he...
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Invisible Love
Sacrifices of the body cannot compare with the ecstasy that comes from sacrifices of the heart. Bound by Blood: For centuries, sacrificial offerings have kept peace between humans and the immortal Kin who feed on their blood. When his sister is ch...
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Boundaries (Box Set)
Love is always a gamble, but when you bargain with a demon the deck's stacked in his favor. Demon's Bargain: Ella is desperate. A vicious dragon stalks her people. The only man strong enough to defeat it is Vaz, the half-demon outcast -- b...
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Embracing the Demon (Box Set)
Sometimes, the shape of desire isn't human. Shifter desires can be dark and intense, their sex wild and rough. Humans are fragile, but adventurous. Runaway: Werewolf lovers on the run, Keith and Taylor must fight for their lives and their free...
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Animal Instinct (Box Set)
For years, Dante's lived in denial, trying to hide his feelings for his best friend. Now -- at last -- sweet, sexy Devin is his. Problem is, Dante's a cat-shifter, and Devin is human. Shifter desires are dark and intense, and their se...
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Dante Burning
When Galvin Cloud -- a shy young magazine writer -- is unexpectedly offered a chance to interview his favorite author, he ought to be delighted. Instead, he’s terrified. Galvin has always idolized Spike Radcliff, but the idea of actual...
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Feet of Clay
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Shy, reclusive Virgil spends most of his time in a virtual fantasy world known only as “the game.” When he meets Kiren, a playful, kind-hearted elf with entrancing golden eyes, he remembers what it feels like to truly connect with anot...
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Virgil Unplugs
Kell is nineteen, becoming a man. His best friend, Ash, has already grown his wings and crossed the threshold into adulthood. The Change is a time of rapid, violent transformation, both physical and emotional, and with these changes come mysterious n...
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