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Loose Id
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Two halves of whole, rare Drachon twins Taggart and Vincent Jennings once shared the weight of being the salvation of their people until Vincent disappears, leaving Tag to bear their people's disappointment alone. Now Vincent is back, demandin...
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More Than Truth
Kel Sheridan is a crossbreed and Gabe Ferrar is a pure blood. No two people could come from more different backgrounds and yet they still managed to overcome their pasts to build a life together. Or so Kel believed.  But what happens when Gab...
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Little Bit More
Arcane Crossbreeds Series The last thing Katya Schaffer saw before waking up a subject in a genetics lab was Raife’s face. So when he suddenly shows up in her cell a year later to save her, she doesn’t trust him. She’s no lon...
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Arcane Crossbreeds 2: More than Life

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