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Amber Drake is the naughtiest maid you will ever meet.  By day she’s prim proper and ready to take your requests with a smile, but when the sun goes down her dirty mind comes out to play.

She’s been writing smut since her more innocent teen years.  But now there are just too many smutty tales to keep trapped in her head so she decided to share with the world.  She might be on her knees but when she looks up at you and smiles, you better believe she’s thinking about a very different job.

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"I’m Selena Cherry, I’m thirty-two, blonde and dangerously hot… Oh and I’m the second most kickass bounty hunter this side of Hotslide City." Selena is on the trail of armed robber, Mike Hicks and she’...
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The Big Bang - Adventures of Selena Cherry, Bounty Hunter
Payton Philips has been babysitting for Max Harris and his little boy Freddy for years. But the crush she sported at first has turned into a fast burning flame of desire. One single daddy is in so much trouble and he doesn’t even know i...
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Hot Naughty Babysitter's Striptease for Daddy
Let me just make this clear right now. I am no virgin but I’m not a slut either. I like sex… Okay I like sex a lot but I won’t fuck just anyone. That said my boyfriend’s father isn’t just anyone… ...
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My Boyfriend's Daddy
When Julie walks in to find her husband sunk up to his balls in that harpy business partner of his, she packs and runs, driving cross country to stay with her brother. Half-way to nowhere her car breaks down but all is not lost. A sexy stra...
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