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By day I am a librarian, by night an erotic writer with romantic overtones to my work. I wish there was a purple cape to wear while I write. It feels like I’m a covert librarian writing the very material my library would never carry. I have been married for fifteen years to the person of my dreams which is probably why I write erotica. I want to get her turned on. The odd thing about our marriage is that we both are transgendered. When we got married we were in different bodies with different genders. Talk about your odd marriage, but that changes we went through and the experiences garnered infiltrate and affect my writing, giving me an intriguing view on what women and men experience at the height of erotic tension and passion.

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In a vampire's perfect world, humans are for eating. Brandon doesn't live in that world, not yet at least, but he does dream of it every morning as he goes to sleep. Forced to live off daily allotments of synthetic blood and ruled by the h...
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Bite Club
Helena is a dom in the board room separating people into those she can control and those she must eliminate. But she is about to meet a creature far more dominating than her. When she becomes a werewolf's prey her world crashes down around her...
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Primal Needs
Celene is a dominatrix by night and a publisher by day. She believes in one thing - her power to get what she wants. Her latest target is the up-and-coming writer, Rodney, a very determined man who insists on being the ruler in bed. Celene schemes...
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Tied To Passion
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Tied To Passion

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