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Ceyx, a troublemaking satyr, hacks into the Paranormal Mates Society's website and resets the matching criteria to pair up the two least compatible subscribers. Thera, a Fury, is matched with Ares, the god of war, and they're sent out on a...
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Paranormal Mates Society: Loving Fury
Be careful what you wish for… because you just might get it. When Lucas Drake spent a small fortune to buy a share in a genuine magic lamp, he planned his wishes with precision -- success, security, and the perfect woman to share it with hi...
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Best Laid Plans
Pampered, rich, and bored. Those three words pretty much sum up Olivia's life. Turning the big 3-0 is just the icing on the cake. Is she really going to live her entire life playing it safe, or does she dare to make a change and shake things up a...
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Riding Lessons
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